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TweetsBot (TweetsBot Twitter Software)

By Rishi Acharya - Sunday, May 30, 2010 No Comments

This is a program like no other. It does what all the other twitter automated programs do and alot more. Not only is it powerful but it is fun and easy to use with fantastic graphics. We have features such as Super Tweets which targets tweets by keywords sending the tweet directly to the person who tweeted using the keyword you specify . When a person says something , "How to loss fat?", the software will reply to him with a user supplied tweet, "@personwhotweeted, Check out my site, it has an ebook on how to reduce your fat and become thin" to it RSS Feed that you can specify keywords to find news related stories to tweet out or just use the rss feed itself to send out top stories of the day. All of which is sent out by a time specified by you. The Balancer which will balance out your twitter ratio by following more people or unfollowing people not following you or following people back. In addition there is a white list where you can specify accounts you don't want to unfollow even though they are not following you. Such as celebrities that you want to receive tweets from but will never follow you.

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TweetsBot (TweetsBot Twitter Software)
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