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Tumultuous ups and downs in friendship at Bigg Boss 8

By HubVilla - Thursday, November 27, 2014 No Comments
The twists and turns happens in the Bigg Boss 8 house makes one wonder who is with whom these days. Bigg Boss 8 has seen tumultuous tripping in friendships ever since its inception. Diandra Soares and Upen Patel who have known each other even prior to the show were great buddies on the show as well. But their friendship had worn away for some time in the past.

Recently when Upen Patel who decided to compete for the captaincy alongside Puneet and Karishma Tanna, he ended up being upset post the captaincy task. When Bigg Boss finally announced the captaincy task titled 'Qurbani', the air was fresh with the smell of love, friendship and sacrifice as the contestants were asked to sacrifice their personal belongings in support of the candidate that they would like to see as captain. The catch, of course, was that the items sacrificed would be removed from the house making the contestants gave great thought to which candidate is worth the effort of moving on in the game while they grapple to survive without their essentials.
Diandra decided to sacrifice all her items for good friend Karishma and at the end, Upen did not even have any single item. While Diandra felt she did that to make Karishma win because Upen already has been captain once and also because had she divided her items, even Karishma's chances of winning the task would have been reduced.
But Upen refused to budge and ended up feeling hurt and cornered by his good friend Diandra. The two became good friends again this week when Upen decided to recharge the 'battery' by colouring his hair blond, Diandra and others helped and cheered him for his efforts as he coloured his hair showing though he has the tendency to be self centered and chooses often to stay on the safe side, he does take challenges when time comes.
Anyway, both Diandra and Upen patched up and now are good friends.

If the recently got eliminated Minissha's words to be believed, "Diandra and Upen are the two people to be watched out, who will also turn out to be really strong contenders this season." No doubt that Diandra is keeping her cool now-a-days and performing well at the Bigg Boss' house recently!

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