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Love is Love - Cries Amit Khanna, Promo of Section 377- Season 2 released

- Wednesday, January 10, 2018 No Comments
Ace photographer Amit Khanna's latest offering All about section 377 season 2 is bang on, targeted to highlight the struggles of LGBTQ community the first season of this series was highly appreciated and won accolades galore. 

Amit Khanna who plays the central protagonist in this show has not only acted in it but  has written directed and produced it as well. The web-series is the first of its kind revolutionary in its own way as its set to highlight the transgender issues and is set against the back drop of a village, The cast involves Gulshan Nain, Ankit Bhatia, Mustafa ShaikhYash Yogi, GunjanMalhotra, Amit Khanna and others.  The season 2 is being produced by Asmiy entertainment (dhaval patel), Dancing Shiva(Ritesh KudechaAnuya Chauhan Kudecha) and Philum Makers (Shyam Patel and Amit Khanna) 

Amit Khanna says "Love is a beautiful emotion which must be expressed freely and not be restricted on the basis of gender Our series All about section 377 season 2 highlights LGBTQ issues at a basic grass root level its not only the first series to take up struggles faced by the Hijara/transgender issue but it happens to deal with homophobia in Indian villages due to prejudices and lack of knowledge"

Anuya Chauhan Kudecha (Dancing Shiva) feels " as mankind progresses in the realm of technology, infrastructure and so on, our thoughts need to progress, one's sexual orientation is no basis to discriminate individuals as it's very offensive for a person's dignity. MrShyam Patel (Philum Makers) quotes " It is important for people to understand the true emotional journey of the LGBTQ community in our society our web series enlightens the viewer on the harsh reality" 

Ankit Bhatia who plays a bisexual character says that The series is extremely close to his heart and he had no problems romancing a man in the show, Where as GulshanNain who had played the homophobic man in the first season matures in the next season and stands up for the basic rights of an individual and against homophobia as well as in support of transgenders

All about section 377 season 2 thus is an important content for the world to witness as it aims to break prejudices as well as brings in light the reality of the LGBTQ community. 

New hope for orphaned children, courtesy The Banyan Tree

- Sunday, December 31, 2017 No Comments
Recently,​ ​Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla, Chairman of Humanity Health Organizations, in collaboration with Gokuldas Tejpal Maharashtra​ ​State Government Hospital and Masina Hospital Department of Psychiatry, conducted a multidiagnostic camp where a team of specialist doctors from different fields offered their services to the children of the Banyan Tree Centre, a long established organization for the welfare of children in Dharavi, to ensure their better health. About 600 children attended this camp. This is one of many initiatives​ ​by the Banyan Tree Centre to support​ the underprivileged local population of​ ​Dharavi area.

Aviva Damania, daughter of Parvez Damania​, currently​ ​an intern at​ ​Masina Hospital under​Dr Matcheswalla, coordinated the entire event. Rahul Shewale, MP, Mr. Sudharak Olwe, Padmashri and Mr. Micky Mehta visited the camp to support this​ ​important​ ​initiative. There was a team of about fifteen doctors and five specialists for the medical checkup of the underprivileged children. The camp started at 9am and continued till late afternoon.

Asma Siddiqui’s transformation wll leave you shocked

- Saturday, December 30, 2017 No Comments
Remember Popatlal's love interest Koyal from 'Taran Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma'? Here how she looks now!

Asma Siddiqui made an amazing debut on television with her portrayal of Koyal in the comical show 'Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma'. She had played Popatlal's love interest in the show where her character was last seen flying to London to pursue journalism.

After being away from the screen for a while now, the actress is all set to be back in business and this time with a complete transformation. The reason for her disappearance was a makeover wherein this young starlet hit the gym on a regular basis and converted her flabs into abs. Yes you read that right! She did not just lose around 40 kgs but also built herself a toned torso which she often flaunts on her Instagram account.

She's definitely giving Fitness goals to all those girls who think it is impossible to achieve a great body. Her transformation from a girl next door to a hot diva is truly inspirational.

World's 1st Swivel Biopsy Test for Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer

- Sunday, December 3, 2017 No Comments
Javed Jaffrey , Ali Asghar, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Ratan Rajput and Akbar Sami did the honours for Dr. Zahra Hussaini  at Nanavati Hospital by launching the ' C TEST ' for cancer , the world's first swivel biopsy test for detection and prevention of oral cancer. They pledged their support to Dr. Zahra and her team in taking this path breaking innovation forward. Viveck Shettyy , Motivational Speaker and singer , personally hosted this spectacular launch in his trademark flamboyant style with great wit and humour. 

Patients like Sangeeta Kulkarni shared their real life experiences with Dr. Zahra and their journey back to  health and wellness . Dr. Ali Irani , reputed physiotherapist , was all part of this exclusive gathering . The first C test kit was also unveiled and backed by an effective demonstration of  the simple easy to use format of the kit.  Dr. Zahra Hussaini emphatically stated , " It is my vision and dream to take the C Test to the deepest rural areas of India and eliminate the threat of oral cancer. "

The early detection and prevention of oral cancer can now become a reality thanks to decades of hard work and research and some pioneering work by Dr. Zahra Hussaini, The ' C TEST'  as she chooses to call it is an unique test that comprises of two tests that can be done with one simple, easy to use kit.
The CYTO TEST (brush biopsy as compared to pap smear) is one part of it and the other is the C SWIVEL BIOPSY ( a modified punch biopsy). The major advantages of the C TESTare its simple design , easy to use format , digitalised reporting pattern and a turnaround time of 3 days . More importantly at a very cost effective price that is easily affordable to all sections of society.
The other technical advantage is the high rate of accuracy owing to the dual test format ( brush & swivel).  It is also simple. painless , easy to use and does not require anesthetic or suturing. This test has been specifically developed for oral cancer and is completely sterile with disposable tips and  also easy packaging for transportation of biopsy sample.

According to the WHO,Oral cancer is a major health problem worldwide. Among modern epidemics, cancer is the second commonest cause of mortality in developed countries. Oral cancer ranks number one among men and number three among women in India. Oral cancer constitutes 12% of all cancers in men and 8% of all cancers among women. It was estimated that in the year 2000, worldwide over 10 million new cases of cancer occurred (approximately 5.3 million men and 4.7 million women) and over 6 million people died from cancers.

According to Dr. Zahra Hussaini, "Unlike many projects, The C test Oral Cancer Project & Charity will be focused on solving a single problem: reducing the mortality rate of Oral Cancer worldwide. Oral Cancer is the number one cause of death among all cancers in India and there is - one death every 7 minutes. Most sufferers are in the rural areas, where they lack awareness and have minimal access to advanced medical care. IUSA there is a death every hour only due to oral cancer."

Dr. Zahra wants to bring to India a total solution for reducing deaths due to oral cancer. a solution for India by an Indian using Indian technology & provided at Indian prices. so is not just about another test for detecting oral cancer but a total turnkey concept- early detection test, general public awareness, doctors training( Dentist, Ent Surgeon, Physician, Auxilliary Staff) and specific oral cancer charity .

'Ishq Ke Nishaan' Music Video Launch Party

- Tuesday, November 21, 2017 No Comments
The music industry witnessed its most raw and real music video filled with passion and emotions with the launch of romantic number 'Ishq Ke Nishaan'. The launch event of the song was organised by Party Squad Entertainment (PSE) all the way from Australia, who have also produced the video.

Upon attending the party, comedian Sunil Pal said, "I am a Music lover and any opportunity to support the art, I welcome with open arms. I am happy that the PSE team invited me to launch the song 'Ishq Ke Nishaan'".

"The evening was well organised with Australian DJs spinning some magic on a starry November night. The video is sensuous and sensational, Swati Sharma is back after the super hit 'Banno Tera Swagger'. I wish the makers good all the very best. I especially want to congratulate Natasha & Vishvanshu of 'The Party Squad'", said photographer Vickky Idnaani.

"It was a delightful evening where we got a chance to meet such good, talented and like-minded people. It was a very well organized event with personal attention given to each guest. Looking forward to many more such events. Best of luck and best wishes to Party Squad Entertainment", said Rohit Tiwari & Sheetal Tiwari of Overact Space & Theatrewaalas Theatre Group.

Australian lead actor Nishanshu (Nish) Pahwa who features in the video says, "I'm glad that we've crossed boundaries to promote our special song which connects with the youth instantly for its realness. After attaining success with Party Squad in Melbourne, we're establishing our production house in Mumbai which kickstarts with 'Ishq Ke Nishaan'. We are excited to have such support come from the industry".

Organisers Vishvanshu, whose stage name goes by 'The Bearded Guy', a professional DJ, and Natasha Goradia, an upcoming actress, said, "We feel privileged to have witnessed such an exceptional amount of support from the artists. We are confident that our music video will be on the loop for viewership for its essence and entertainment value".

'Ishq Ke Nishaan' has been sung by 'Banno Tera Swagger' from 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' Swati Sharma who's teamed with the duo Raeth Tarun consisting of Wajhi Farooqi and Tarun Sharma. The song is directed by Amna Irshad & produced by Party Squad in Melbourne.​

Watch 'Ishq Ke Nishaan' music video here:

Actor Ragini Khanna, Singer Prajakta Shukre & Producer Pankaj Narayan celebrate Diwali in a special way

- Tuesday, October 17, 2017 No Comments
Festivals bring happiness, togetherness and unique bonding among people and it is no different for the special individuals at Advitya, a creative centre for those differently- abled individuals (with[S1]  Down's syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy among others…) ,who are provided with vocational training and a vision to foster compassion, kindness and inclusion in the world. Through occupational therapy they engage them in adding value to a multitude of handicrafts. These activities help in developing fine motor movements, better eye & hand coordination and overall mental wellbeing.

There is so much we can do differently when it comes to our festivals. This Diwali, Singer Prajakta Shukre, Actress Ragini Khanna and Producer Pankaj Narayan, come together to make this Diwali a time to spread love and cheer and put a smile on the faces of these special students of Advitya. Each with their unique personality and style, Prajakta, Ragini and Pankaj joins the Advitya students in singing, dancing and lighting up their lives.

Ragini Khanna who recently was seen in Film Gurgaon said, "All of us receive gifts from our loved ones, plan what to gift them in return but it's seldom that we are able to bring a smile to some one's face, I feel, this Diwali I was able to do just that by meeting these kids and making it one my best Diwali celebrations."

Prajakta Shukre, an ex-Indian Idol talent believes: "All of us are born different and behave differently, and it's our differences that make the world a very interesting place. Helping others gives me immense satisfaction. There is an unquestionable joy that bubbles up in us when we are positive influences in our community. 
We know that we can make a difference even when it may seem a drop in the ocean. What better time to make people happy than when we are celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights." Om Shanti Om (Reality Show) Producer - Pankaj Narayan elated at the occasion said, "As a writer and Producer I get to meet people several characters on screen and several people off screen but I must say, when I met these special kids today, the purity of thoughts and souls that I found, not only for my Diwali but I have made memories forever."
The Event and get together was an annual Initiative by bubble – a marketing communication company founded by Aarti Notiyal, who believe that the biggest gift given is as big as the smallest smile added not just at Diwali but all around the year.

Brand Ambassador Farhan Akhtar launches Linen Club’s store at Ram Maruti Road, Thane.

- Saturday, October 14, 2017 No Comments
 "LINEN CLUB"- The premium linen fabric brand from the Aditya Birla Group – launched its exclusive store in Thane, Maharashtra today. A pioneer in the industry, Linen Club, is India's largest linen fabric brand and is synonymous with the finest quality linen. This is the 6th  store for the brand in Greater Mumbai and 151st  store in India.
While launching the Store, Mr Thomas Varghese, Business Head – Textiles, Acrylic Fibre & Overseas Spinning, Aditya Birla Group said, "The distinctive look and comfort sets linen apart from any other contemporary fabric. With Linen Club's exclusive store now in Thane, we are absolutely positive that the style connoisseurs of the city will welcome the finest European Linen fabrics. All our fabrics are made from raw material sourced from France and Belgium and processed at our state of art facilities to ensure the highest quality standards."
Mr. Satyaki Ghosh, CEO Domestic Textiles & Acrylic Fibre added, With this premium store, our goal is to create a rich consumer experience and ensure that linen lovers experience the largest variety of linen fabrics & products in an intimate environment . The distinctive floor plan creates a matchless experience for the retail category in general, and specifically to Linen Club. Within the brand store, a large studio-like table provides a liberal display and retailing space for the convenience of the consumers."
Known for his versatility as an Actor, Director & Producer and a Rockstar performer – Farhan Akhtar recently came on board as the Brand Ambassador for Linen Club and seemed elated on the occasion. Looking dapper in a Linen Club Jacket, Farhan said "I always loved wearing Linen and have worn it in several of my films like Dil Dhadakne Do, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and many others. But during my understanding and research on the Brand, while coming on board I loved the fact that Linen Club has an array of fabric looks with so many colour options, basically Linen for every occasion".
The new store in Thane will showcase a wide range of pure linen and linen blends, printed and embroidered linen fabrics for men and women. To add to its extensive fabric offerings, ready to wear shirts and trousers, as also accessories such as stoles, laptop bags, and handkerchiefs, are also available. The store is located at: Ram Maruti Road, Naupada, Thane West. 

'Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Benafsha Soonawalla Grooves With Indian Idol’s Rakesh Maini*

- Thursday, October 12, 2017 2 Comments
Benafsha Soonwalla who is being seen in the current season of 'Bigg Boss' and rose to fame with reality shows like 'Roadies' and 'Splitsvilla' is now being seen in the Punjabi single 'Ankha Billori'.

Ankha Billori is a fun danced based love song crooned by 'Indian Idol' fame Rakesh Maini who's released his single with T-series Apna Punjab. Interestingly, Benafsha has been voiced by Rakesh's Indian Idol co-contestant Bhoomi Trivedi, who has entertained her way to the audiences hearts with songs like 'Ram Chahe Leela' and 'Udi Udi Jaaye'. The song is based on a sweet love story between two childhood lovers where the girl is made to realize of her young love by the guy through the art of dance.  

Produced by Sandeep (Sandy) Taneja under Future Wings Entertainment, the music has been composed by another Indian Idol contestant Shashi Suman while the lyrics have been penned by Chichi.